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How To Get Natural Results with Lip Filler

Lip enhancement is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments at Antoinette Hamilton Aesthetics, and natural results are our speciality. If you're worried about lip fillers looking 'fake' or 'overdone' - we're here to reassure you! Here are 10 things you should know before booking your appointment...

With Google searches for natural lip fillers up by 250%, it shows that while demand for a plumper pout remains, the overdone, artificial aesthetic is being laid to rest!

Here are our top tips if you're considering lip filler:

1. It's Crucial to Find an Experienced, Trusted Aesthetic Professional

In order to obtain the natural, beautiful looking outcomes you're hoping for, it's crucial to visit a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner who makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step into the clinic. Your practitioner should seek to understand your hopes and expectations and provide expert advice in order to ensure that you leave their clinic feeling confident and empowered.

2. Not All Filler is the Same

There are a number of different types of lip filler, however, hyaluronic acid based fillers are by far the most popular because they are versatile, safe, and can be easily dissolved if required. At AH Aesthetics, we love Juvederm and Belotero for natural looking lips.

3. It's Never a Good Idea to Copy Celebrities

Everyone's face is unique, and the only way to obtain the right look for you is to consult with an experienced professional who understands how to enhance your features to achieve your ideal treatment outcomes.

4. Less is More, Especially For Your First Appointment

The amount of filler you have will entirely depend upon the look you are hoping to achieve, but it's always a good idea to start slowly. Between 0.5 ml and 1ml of filler will provide a naturally plump look to the lips, but if you ultimately decide that you would like a fuller looking pout, then it's always possible to add more at a later stage.

5. Yes, Lip Filler Really Can Look Natural

If you have been put off by unnatural looking pouts in the past but are still curious about lip filler treatments, please be assured that it is perfectly possible to achieve natural results! In fact, it's even possible to add a small amount of volume to the lips without it looking as though you have had a lip filler treatment - leaving you with healthy, hydrated looking lips, or creating symmetry and balance, rather than adding volume.

Each patient's results with lip enhancements are totally individual as no two faces are the same - during your consultation I will assess your anatomy and discuss medical background and suitability for treatment, before deciding on the perfect product and placement to create the desired results.⁠

If you've been thinking about dermal filler, head to the link below to arrange your consultation via our online booking system, or you can contact us by DM or phone!⁠

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Antoinette Hamilton

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber with 18 years nursing experience, specialising in natural results and Obagi skincare



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