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OBSERV 520x: The Benefits of Having Your Skin Scanned

Skin is incredibly complex and there is so much that can't be seen or diagnosed with the naked eye, which is why we are extremely proud to have the OBSERV 520x skin scanner here at AH Aesthetics. We know it's not a piece of equipment that every clinic has, so you may be wondering why you should have your skin scanned...

"What is a skin scan?" is one of the questions we are asked most frequently. So, I wanted to take the opportunity today to explain exactly what skin scanning is and how it can help you to obtain the best outcomes from your treatment with us.

What is the OBSERV 520x Skin Scanner?

The skin is much more complex than what can be seen with the naked eye. The OBSERV 520x scanner allows us to professionally analyse your skin and understand your unique skin concerns, treat existing imperfections and even address underlying concerns before the become visible! You’ll come away with a bespoke, tailor made skincare plan based on your analysis.

This unique piece of equipment uses patented polarised light illumination and skin fluorescence technology to reveal what's going on in the deeper layers of the skin, which is important because this is precisely where so many conditions originate before they become visible on the surface layers.

As the OBSERV 520x skin scanner allows us to professionally analyse your skin to understand what's going on beneath the surface, it provides us with the information we need to determine which treatment options are going to deliver the most optimal outcomes.

Skin scans can diagnose a variety of skin concerns and conditions, including plugged pores, pigmentation disorders, dehydrated skin, areas of collagen loss, areas with diminished circulation, rosacea, vascular conditions, fine line patterns, wrinkle formations, and areas with increased sensitivity or thinned skin.

Why should I have a skin scan?

Having your skin scanned with the Observ 520x will help us tailor your treatment for your unique skin, and target any of the concerns that are diagnosed. It also helps us to recommend a suitable home-care regime to our patients to go alongside their professional treatments, helping you to achieve your skin goals and create lasting results.

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Antoinette Hamilton

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber with 18 years nursing experience, specialising in natural results and Obagi skincare


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