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Vitamin C: The Hero Ingredient

One of the most popular active ingredients in skincare, vitamin C serums deserve a place in pretty much every skincare routine. Especially if your main skin focus is anti-ageing, our top recommendation would be to use a Vitamin C product!

As well as offering powerful antioxidant protection, which is important given the amount of pollution and other external aggressors the skin is exposed to on a daily basis (especially if you live in a city!), a good vitamin C serum applied daily stimulates collagen production to help plump and smooth the skin, increases the efficacy of sunscreen, improves the skin’s healing process, reduces inflammation and combats sun damage and pigmentation.

Vitamin C already occurs naturally in the skin, but depletes as we age. Applying it topically can help replenish existing levels, to defend skin from further damage and repair past damage too, keeping skin strong, healthy and glowing for longer.

Not all Vitamin C products are created equally though - L-asorbic acid is pure vitamin C and it is the most stable and effective form that you’ll find in skincare. You'll see lots of other forms of Vitamin C in high street formulations, but these aren't as potent and you won't see as many benefits from them.

You'll also find Vitamin C listed as an ingredient within products like moisturisers and cleansers, but it packs the most punch when you use it as a standalone Vitamin C serum, layered with the other products in your routine.

If your skin tolerates Vitamin C well, you can use it daily in your routine - always apply in the morning to reap its antioxidant benefits during the day when we are faced with the external aggressors. You would apply after cleansing and toning, but before applying moisturiser and SPF.

If you'd like to get started with your own medical grade skincare routine, book a consultation (available virtually or in clinic) and I can create a personalised skincare plan for you, delivered to your door by my skincare delivery service GetHarley!

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Antoinette Hamilton

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber with 18 years nursing experience, specialising in natural results and Obagi skincare



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